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Soup Joumou: A Taste of Tradition and Independence

Welcome to our Specials Page, where we take pride in bringing you the flavors of Haiti with a spotlight on the cherished Soup Joumou. This traditional soup holds a special place in Haitian culture, particularly as a symbol of freedom and celebration.


Indulge in the heartwarming embrace of Soup Joumou, a quintessential Haitian delicacy and a beacon of joy and freedom. This rich and savory soup is steeped in history, traditionally enjoyed on January 1st, Haitian Independence Day. Our chefs have crafted this seasonal delight with care, using a flavorful blend of ingredients that pay homage to the vibrant culinary heritage of Haiti.

Key Ingredients:

Our Soup Joumou features a luscious medley of locally sourced ingredients, including tender pumpkin, hearty vegetables, succulent meat, and an aromatic blend of spices that dance on your palate. Each spoonful encapsulates the essence of Haitian cuisine, transporting you to a culinary journey that goes beyond mere sustenance.

Why Soup Joumou?

Soup Joumou is more than just a dish; it’s a celebration of resilience and freedom. Historically, it holds significance as a symbol of the end of slavery in Haiti, a tradition that continues to be honored with each delicious serving. By savoring Soup Joumou, you partake in a cultural experience that goes beyond the dining table.

Limited-Time Offering:

Our Soup Joumou is a seasonal delight, available for a limited time. Embrace this opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique flavors and historical significance of this Haitian culinary masterpiece.

Join Us in Celebrating Tradition:

Visit us during this special season to savor the warmth, history, and cultural richness that Soup Joumou embodies. Whether you’re a connoisseur of Haitian cuisine or new to these delightful flavors, our Soup Joumou special is an invitation to celebrate, indulge, and create cherished memories.

Experience the essence of Haiti on your plate—come, join us, and let Soup Joumou take you on a culinary journey that transcends taste.


Read What Our Clients Say

Aor W
Aor W
I’ve haven’t had Haitian food before but I would say Guigui’s is one of the finest Haitian cuisines with so many delicious menus to choose from. I got pork sandwich and smoked herring patty and they tasted so wonderful! The customer service is superb as well! Will definitely come back for more!
Micaela Rene
Micaela Rene
This place gets a 10/10. The owner was so sweet and the food more than spokenfor itself. Tjisnis also the ONLY haitian restaurant that I have been to in the DMV that has Griot on their menu. To me that makes this place authentic to what a Haitian restaurant is. You won't regret eating here!!
Ashley Mathieu
Ashley Mathieu
I love Haitian food so I’m always looking for Haitian spot to eat at. Excellent Haitian food, excellent service, and such a sweet owner. Definitely recommend if you want some good Haitian food 😁
Shavonne J.
Shavonne J.
Went here hoping for a taste of home and got just that. I don't suggest coming here if you want your food ready the minute you order. The food was freshly made and took around 10 minutes. The owner stopped to chat and made Me feel really welcome. Fyi , Diri Djon Djon only available on sundays.
Mateo Velasquez
Mateo Velasquez
Ask for the Creole chicken in a sandwich! Fantastic!
Stopped by GUIGUI’s today had the white rice black bean soup. Kreyol chicken which was amazing with not overwhelming spice.l just perfect. Serving size was more then enough will return next time I’m in the area
Jason Beauplan
Jason Beauplan
Had a wonderful experience here - excellent customer service and delicious food. The Djon Djon rice and Griot were outstanding.

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